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Spring Into Action – Dental Tips

It’s Spring and time to refresh, rejuvenate, and renew in many ways.  But, don’t forget about your oral health.  Use these Dental tips from the experts.  Many of the tips in this article are easy and they contribute to your overall health.  So, check it out and Spring Into Action!

Sport a mouthguard. Whether you have kids that participate in sports or are known to play some pick-up games yourself, mouthguards are musts. Basketball players are five times more likely to sustain injuries to the mouth and face than football players, so it’s especially important to provide mouth protection on the hardwood. That goes for practices, too!

Avoid overuse of sports drinks. It may seem like second nature to grab a sports drink after a game or practice, but used too often they may be doing more harm than good. Not only are many of them loaded with sugar, they’re also highly acidic, which can be harmful to tooth enamel. A better bet for hydration for most workouts is plain old water. If you occasionally want something different after strenuous exercise, coconut water is a low-sugar, high-electrolyte option containing lots of nutrients.

Combat dry mouth. Expending a lot of energy can leave athletes panting for breath, which often leads to a dry mouth. Without the normal amount of saliva flowing, food particles aren’t washed away as well. If they get stuck there too long, they will eventually cause decay and cavities – especially when you add in sugary sports drinks. Proper hydration with a sugar-free drink will help keep your mouth moist, but it never hurts to throw in an extra tooth brushing session post-game or after practice.

Replace old or worn toothbrushes. If your toothbrush or toothbrush head is more than three months old, it’s time to get a new one. Other signs for replacement include worn or frayed bristles. If it looks a little used and abused, your toothbrush is probably not getting in all of your teeth’s nooks and crannies for proper cleaning. But you don’t have to throw it out just yet – a used toothbrush is perfect for cleaning tight spots around the house!

Check the expiration date on your mouthwash. Most mouthwash has a shelf life which should be indicated on the bottle. Using mouthwash past the expiration date can affect the taste and its effectiveness, so make sure yours is still in its prime.

Replenish your floss supply. You should be using 18 inches of floss every time you clean your teeth. If you’re flossing daily as recommended, that’s roughly 45 feet of floss a month!

Schedule a dentist appointment. You’re already thinking about cleaning, and now you’re thinking about your oral health. Why not combine the two and schedule your regular dental appointment if it’s not already on the calendar? Seeing your dentist regularly helps him or her spot problems before they become bigger issues – and require more expensive fixes. Plus, there’s nothing like that clean mouth feeling you experience after a professional brushing and flossing.  Give us a call at McPherson Dental 406-365-1221 to schedule your appointment.