Dental Services

  • labelCrowns, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays

    Using only the highest quality labs in the United States, we ensure that all porcelain restorations are biocompatible, cosmetically appealing and lifelike. We never send cases to labs outside of the United States. Some of our restorations are made in Whitefish, MT at Vision Dental Arts. Some restorations are sent to Microdental laboratories in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. McPherson will use his clinical knowledge to determine the best lab for your particular case.

  • labelImplant Restoration

    Sometimes a tooth is missing or cannot be saved. In many of these cases, the best replacement option is a dental implant. Dental implants are predictable, reliable, natural looking and the closest thing to a natural tooth that we can offer.

  • labelRoot Canals

    Root canals remove infection and pain from teeth, allowing them to be restored to full function. A root canal is a great option for many teeth that would otherwise require extraction. In these cases, it is also a less expensive option then extraction and implant replacement.

  • labelExtractions

    Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved and requires removal. Removing an infected tooth prevents potentially life threatening infections from developing and clears the way for restorative options.

  • labelTMJ Treatment

    Using modern neuromuscular dentistry treatment options, Dr. McPherson can treat many advanced TMJ problems. Additionally, if you suffer from migraines, neck or shoulder pain, neuromuscular dentistry may offer a solution to resolve your symptoms. Dr. McPherson trains at LVI Global, the leader in neuromuscular dentistry.

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  • labelDental Cleanings

    Regular dental cleanings are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and detecting problems early.

  • labelPeriodontal “Gum” Treatment

    Periodontal treatment, sometimes called “deep cleaning” helps remove bacteria and deposits that cause loss of attachment to the teeth. The goal of the treatment is to stop the progression of recession and bone loss and preserve the teeth. Sometimes, reattachment can be achieved.

  • labelCosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry can provide you with the confidence boosting smile you have always wanted. Minor crowding and misalignment of the teeth can often be corrected with cosmetic dentistry techniques. Using models, we can even show you what your new smile will look like before any treatment is performed.

  • labelSealants

    Sealants are a tooth colored coating placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth to make them easier to clean and make them less likely to trap food particles. Applied properly, dental sealants are one of the most effective means to preventing tooth decay.

  • labelBridges

    In some cases where a tooth or a couple of teeth are missing, a bridge can be placed. A bridge uses the teeth on each end to support the false tooth or teeth in the middle. Bridges can be placed upon natural teeth or implants and are a non-removable option for replacing missing teeth.

  • labelFillings

    Dr. McPherson uses only the highest quality bonded tooth colored restorations. No unsightly, mercury containing silver amalgam fillings are used in this office.

  • labelWhitening

    We offer the convenience of take home whitening kits, custom made just for your teeth. Whitening is often one of the most cost effective ways of improving your smile.

  • labelNitrous Oxide Sedation

    Nitrous oxide sedation can help individuals with anxiety about dental procedures have a more comfortable experience. It is safe and has no residual effects following the procedure

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